A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki

Name - Weight/Body Armor/Leg Armor/Head Armor/Requirements:

Gambeson - 5.0/+16/+4/N.a/N.a

Padded Tunic - 2.0/+15/+1/N.a/N.a

Peasants Tunic with Cloak - 10.0/+4/+1/N.a/N.a

Aketon - 5.0/+16/+4/N.a/N.a

Leather Vest - 5.0/+5/+10/N.a/N.a

Peasants Tunic - 2.0/+5/+1/N.a/N.a

Brown Robe - 3.0/+3/+1/N.a/N.a

Chain Mail Hauberk - 20.0/+40/+5/N.a/12 Strength

Chain Mail Hauberk - 15.0/+40/+15/N.a/12 Strength

Lamellar Armor - 20.0/+33/+10/N.a/12 Strength

Brigandine Armor - 5.0/+35/+10/N.a/N.a

Leather Jerkin - 5.0/+12/N.a/N.a/N.a

Leather Jerkin - 5.0/+15/N.a/N.a/N.a

Leather Jerkin - 5.0/+10/+10/+5/N.a

Leather Jerkin - 5.0/+18/+3/N.a/N.a

Heavy Plate Armor - 20.0/+60/+20/N.a/14 Strength

Mailed Brigandine Armor - 5.0/+40/+10/N.a/N.a

Aemond Targaryens Heavy Plate Armor - 4.0/+33/+8/N.a/14 Strength

Kingsguard Heavy Armor - 20.0/+43/+15/N.a/12 Strength