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Norvoshi Elite Soldiers[]

The Axe Guard are the Free City of Norvos' unique troop that can only be recruited in the city of Norvos itself per version 6.0. They are extremely well armed and armored, and so serve to make the Norvoshi armies particularly deadly since a high concentration of their soldiers will be these elite fighters. While the player may recruit Axe Guard in Norvos, it is extremely difficult to amass large numbers of them as there is only one source of the soldiers and they are fairly expensive to recruit.

Axes in Norvos[]

Axes hold a particular place of prominence in Norvos, as the bearded priests are all "wed" to their axes. The existence of Axe Guard in ACOK is likely a reflection of the cultural importance of axes in Norvos. In the Song of Ice and Fire novels it is believed that the captain of the Dornish guard Areo Hotah was either trained by or was a bearded priest himself.