A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki

After you talked to the Lord Commander:

- Have 16(17 with you) able party members. Then:

Talk to Jon Snow ontop of the wall and join The Great Ranging north of The Wall:

Explore the Village Whitetree. Points of interests:

- weirwood tree in the middle of the village.

- chest covered by shrubs in a clearing behind the two houses to the right.

Continue to Craster's Keep, expore the P.O.Is:  

- door of the keep.    

- chest covered by shrubs behind the tower to the left where parts of the fence is missing.    

Continue the journey north to The Fist of the First Men, and expore the P.O.Is:    

- chest outside the walls to the left in a hole.     

Continue and defend the camp against the Wights! (lots of them)

Enter the yard back at Castle Black. (talk to people)     

Continue and get back into the changed world.     

Note: Do NOT save, exit and load during this quest. The quest will be broken.