In ACOK 1.4, there are several claimants to the thrones of Westeros and Essos. Just like the original Warband (not entirely verified) there is one claimant per faction that resides in a foreign court. They travel the world looking for support to ultimately seize the throne of the faction for which they are claimant. The player may become a sworn vassal for any of these claimants and support their cause.

Seen in 1.4:[edit | edit source]

Yara Half-Hoare: Claimant for the Iron Islands

(seen: Barrowton, Sisterton)

Sarella Brightflame: Claimant for the Westerlands (Iron Throne)

(seen: Tumbleton)

Vezenkor Adary: Claimant for Tyrosh

(seen: Volantis)

High Priestess Assadora: Claimant for Norvos

(seen: Qohor)

Prince Laros: Claimant for Myr

(seen: Qohor)

Princess Shiera Saan: Claimant for Lys

(seen: Duskendale)

Seen in 4.0:[edit | edit source]

Quarlon the Andal


Claimant for Lorath

Sallos Far-Seeker

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.43.57.png

Claimant for Qohor

Xhobar Greymantle

Claimant for Myr

Lysandro Rogare

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.50.51.png

Claimant for Lys

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