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Just as in Mount and Blade: Warband it is possible to collect a number of Companions to help you in your quest. These Companions will form part of your party and will gain experience as you progress in the game. Companions have two benefits over normal troops: they are fully customizable, and will not die, instead getting knocked unconcious.

Companions can be found in the Taverns located in most Towns. Some of the Companions will require a recruitment fee to join your party. This fee can range from a few coppers to tens of thousands of coin.

The starting location of the Companions differ from game to game, and each will change locations at times, so it's best to check the tavern whenever you enter a town. You can, however, select the "Gather Companions" option in character creation to have most companions be in the starting tavern for the first few days.

Available Companions[]

A nice chart done by Sergio_Morozov (version 2.1)


There are 29 known companions. Temporary stat pictures have been added. Please, add more information and custom charts, these should only be temporary.  When done, delete the unnecessary.

This list will be updated as these preferences are known.

Updating for ACOK 6.2, Should be accurate (at least more so than before).

List of Companions*
Companion Likes Dislikes Offended By Level Cost Starting Town**
Alen Clargyll Alyn Ser Bennis of Hollowhill 3 700 Ashford
Mavros Sand Maron Garrett Longley Food, Heavy Deaths 9 1200 Sunspear
Arratos Entarion Halbert Crowshead Ser Jasper Rivers Heavy Deaths 7 3000 Bravos
Berengar Parren Ser Jasper Rivers Gynir Pyke 4 Free Fairmarket
Bilaquo Mentarios Gyrnir Pyke 6 500 Valon Therys
Brynden Storm Maron Marvos Sand 5 Free Weeping Town
Carver 3 Free Barrowhall
Caul 18 25000 Lys
Ser Clavis Lyberr


Saathos Retreat 4 1500 Gulltown
Saathos 5 Free Volantis
Drollo Ser Roger Osgrey Kanossos the Headstrong Raiding


5 2000 Pentos
Ser Felton Flowers Ser Jasper Rivers Brynden Storm Retreat 6 1500 Oldtown
Fenna Alyn Ser Bennis of Hollowhill Leaving Troops 6 Free
Garrett Longley Ser Roger Osgrey Marvos Sand 8 1500 Kings Landing
Graznon zo Paton Bilaquo Mentarios Arratos Entarion Retreat


2500 Volantis
Gyrnir Pyke Ser Roger Osgrey Saathos Raiding 2 Free Lordsport
Halbert Crowshead Martyn Snow Serol Lynaqo Failing Quests 7 300 White Harbour
Ser Jasper Rivers Ser Bennis of Hollowhill Martyn Snow 7 500 Saltpans
Kanossos the Headstrong Bilaquo Mentarios Drollo 7 1500 Rhyros
Ser Bennis of Hollowhill Ser Jasper Rivers Maron Leaving Troops 4 1500 Stoney Sept
Roderick Fenna 4 2500 Lannisport
Maron Saathos Ser Bennis of Hollowhill 1 Free Hull
Martyn Snow Halbert Crowshead Raiding 6 Free White Harbor
Ser Roger Osgrey Ser Clavis Lyberr Gynir Pyke 5 1500 Oldtown
Serol Lynaqo? Serol Lynaqo? Martyn Snow 12 3000 Pentos
Alyn Berengar Parren Drollo 3


Ser Titus Harper 8 500 Tyrosh
Lyneria Garret Longley Graznon zo Patton 3 250 Bravos

*Tested at Version 1.4 without Mercenary Companions

**As of 6.0 Companions start in specific towns and stay there. I've filled in the ones I found if you don't use "gather companions option.

Companion Relationships[]

Not all Companions get on with each other and having ones that dislike others will cause friction in the party.

*Note that you CANNOT disable companions disliking each other by going to the "Mod options" menu in the camp screen and ticking "disable companion complaints".

The lists below conflict with each other in your party, you'll have to pick the companions grouped together for the first column or second column in the same row to have a stable party (i.g Alen Clargyl, Fenna, Maron or choose to use Roderick and Ser Bennis Hollow Hill).

**Denotes companions that do not like raiding (at least so far).

ACOK 7.1 Companions 1 Companions 2
1 Bilaquo Mentarios



Ser Titus Harper

Melly Waterman

2 Berengar Parren

Ser Roger OSgrey


Gynir Pyke**

Ser Clavis Lyber

3 Alen Clargyl




Ser Bennis of Hollow Hill

4 Martyn Snow**

Arratos Entarion

Halbert Crowshead


Ser Jasper Rivers

Graznon zo Paton

Serol Lynaqo (or Halbert)

5 Brynden Storm (or Ser Felton)

Garret Longley

Ser Felton Flowers

Mavros Sand

6 Kanosos the Headstrong



Changes in 1.4[]

In 1.4, the companion system recieved an overhaul, with all companions now being stationary, being recruitable from only one specific location. Additionally, several companions have had their names changed, and a new non-mercenary companion has been introduced.

The changed names include:

  • Yohnas > Alyn
  • Ser Kannut Bannside > Ser Bennis of Hollow Hill
  • Ser Matrim Osgrey > Ser Roger Osgrey
  • Alexos Sand > Mavros Sand
  • Colin The Mute > Saathos

The new companion is

  • Ser Medrick Waterman

Companions as Lords:[]

AS OF 1.4

All companions now seem, in effect, to be 'noble' (regardless of what they say in their discussions with you), as they all have their own trait (upstanding, pitiless, etc.) when granted a fief, and this can be checked via the maester in your castle. I have compiled a list of those companions who are less troublesome than others when made into lords:

Upstanding and Good-Natured (these companions will not object, as lords, to other lords being granted fiefs):

  • Addam Blackwood
  • Alen Cargyll
  • Bilaquo Mentarios
  • Fenna
  • Ser Lucamore the Grim
  • Maron
  • Martyn Snow
  • Ser Medrick Waterman
  • Roderick
  • Serol Lynaqo


  • Alyn
  • Ser Bennis of Hollow Hill
  • Berengar Parren
  • Caul
  • Granzon zo Paton
  • Ser Felton Flowers
  • Halbert Crowshead
  • Ser Jasper Rivers
  • Kanossos the Headstrong
  • Ser Roger Osgrey

All other companions, if not mentioned here, are either calculating, quarrelsome, debauched or pitiless.

AS OF 3.0

Only 5 companions are good-natured:

Ser Clavis Lyber

Ser Titus Harper

Melly Waterman

Arratos Entarrion


Those are the ONLY companions which will not object, as lords, to other lords receiving fiefs.

Future Companions[]

As part of 1.4, sellsword companies are now available for hire, and the leaders of these companies become companions once you have paid for the company. These captains will remain with you permanently, unless you choose to separate from them. In the current implementation, only the leader of each sellsword company becomes a companion, but the quote below was from a preview released by Cozur before 1.4, and may suggest that other members of the sellsword companies could become companions in the future.

"I've added a new feature - when you recruit a sellsword company, the leaders, captains, serjeants and paymasters are included, but not as regular troops, but rather as companions.

So if you recruit the Windblown, you get a lot of troops, and a couple of new companions such as The Tattered Prince, Caggo, Denzo D'han and so on. Adding this feature also meant I had to do a companion overhaul - they're now stationary which will allow me to, in future versions, add some more interesting characters as companions (Sandor Clegane would be an example)."

Companion Stats (6.0)[]

ACOK 6.0 Companion Starting Stats, Skills and Equipment Details: https://imgur.com/a/8oWG4hr

Name Level STR AGL INT CHA Weapon Prof.* Equiv Total Stats**
Ser Bennis of Hollow Hill 5 16 14 7 6 115 39
Maron 1 9 6 10 6 65 31
Alyn 3 14 14 8 6 130 40
Graznon zo Paton 8 15 9 13 12 70 42
Ser Felton Flowers 6 16 15 7 7 150 40
Martyn Snow 6 18 12 10 5 140 40
Ser Jasper Rivers 7 17 9 10 6 160 36
Halbert Crowshead 7 12 9 17 10 50 42
Kanossos the Headstrong 7 15 8 15 8 210 40
Mavros Sand 9 16 16 12 8 160 44
Garrett Longley 8 20 13 5 4 180 35
Brynden Storm 3 10 7 16 7 60 38
Ser Roger Osgrey 11 20 6 12 8 230 36
Drollo 5 15 10 6 6 150 33
Arratos Entarion 7 6 6 18 6 30 30
Ser Clavis Lyber 4 18 11 8 7 80 41
Serol Lynaqo 12 12 8 16 13 30 38
Gynir Pyke 2 16 9 5 5 70 34
Saathos 5 6 5 15 5 10 27
Bilaquo Mentarios 6 14 8 6 9 120 32
Berengar Parren 4 14 6 12 12 60 41
Alen Clargyll 3 16 5 7 6 150 32
Fenna 6 15 15 10 6 75 41
Roderick 4 14 7 4 3 110 25
Carver 3 12 8 3 3 50 24
Caul 18 22 22 12 10 250 49
Melly Waterman 9 15 12 9 10 145 38
Ser Titus Harper 8 14 12 5 7 120 31
Lyneria 3 14 16 5 6 45 39

*A companion's initial weapon proficiency are the same for all weapons in ACOK 6.0.

**A comparison of total stats for a companion if they were all adjusted to be Level 1

Companion Roles (6.0)[]

ACOK 6.0 Companion Starting Stats, Skills and Equipment Details: https://imgur.com/a/8oWG4hr

A brief analysis of the companions tells us that while their backstories may be filled out in depth, their skill distribution as of 6.0 are very shallow. Companions are very clearly divided into martial and support categories. Almost all companions with starting Weapon Proficiency above 75 also have zero starting Intelligence skills, and vice versa. No companion starts with Power Throw, Looting, Foraging, Tracking, Path Finding, Inventory Management, or Prisoner Management.

I offer here a simplistic method of allocating roles to companions in 6.0. Use all companions with Power Draw as archers. Of the remainder, select those with less than 75-80 proficiency as support/int characters and give them crossbows (except Carver, maybe). The last group should all have Riding of 4+ (except Ser Osgrey at 3) and good proficiency, which easily make heavy cavalry.