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Crackclaw Longbowman

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Crackclaw Longbowman (v7.1) can be upgraded from Crackclaw Levy for 72 denars.

Their wage is 24 denars.

Armor Stats:

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Head Armor: +0

Body Armor: +29

Leg Armor: +16


Longbow, Weight: 1.0, Damage: 29p, Accuracy: 90, Speed rating: 75, Requires Power Draw: 3, Cannot be used on horseback

Simple Bodkin Arrows (22/22), Weight 3.0, +1 to damage

Long Knife (one-handed), Weight: 2.0, Swing: 15c, Thrust: 25p, Speed rating: 115, Weapon reach: 65, Can`t be used to block

Leather Jerkin, Weight: 5.0, +28 to body armor, +11 to leg armor

Leather Gloves, Weight 2.0, +1 to body armor

Leather Boots, Weight: 2.0, +5 to leg armor