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Westeros and the Free Cities

A Clash of Kings picks up the story during the War of the Five Kings . War is almost constant, with each faction of Westeros vying for control of the Seven Kingdoms .

Most factions appear to get very similar units, meaning no faction has a real edge over the other. 

All of the factions have a leader, and a number of vassals

As the player you can join a faction of your choosing, rebel against a faction or begin your own kingdom.

Joining a faction is quite simple; it is usually a good idea to travel about in their lands in the early game, performing quests to raise your relationship with the vassals and the liege Lord. Eventually, you may be asked to join a faction as a mercenary; this is quite good early game as the mercenary payments cancel out troop wages, and it gives you a chance to be on the front lines with the faction you chose. You can ask the ruler of a faction to become his vassal, and he will say yes once your renown is high enough and he likes you.

Once you are in a faction, you can choose to rebel against your ruler. Other vassals may join you if they have a low enough relationship with their liege and/or they like you, so it is recommended that you raise your relationships with the vassals before rebelling. You will also require Right to Rule, otherwise nobody would join to your cause and it is likely that your rebellion will be easily crushed.

Creating your own kingdom is similar to that of rebelling, except there is no risk of instant war and you do so in a more neutral manner. This will not prevent a large number of factions declaring war on you.

The factions available at the start of the game are listed below.

The Seven Kingdoms[]

Name Ruler Colour
The Stormlands King Renly Baratheon Yellow
The North King Robb Stark White
The Vale Lord Nestor Royce Sky Blue
Dorne Prince Oberyn Nymeros Martell Orange
Dragonstone King Stannis Baratheon Dark Pink
The Westerlands Lord Tywin Lannister Red
The Reach Lord Mace Tyrell Green
The Iron Islands King Balon Greyjoy Grey

The Three Sisters

Lord Triston Sunderland Dark Blue
The Nights Watch Lord Commander Jeor Mormont Black

The Free Cities[]

Name Ruler Colour
Braavos Sealord Ferrago Antaryon Hot Pink
Pentos Prince Somothes Beige
Norvos High Priest Caltos Orange
Myr Archon Coloqo Violet
Tyrosh Archon Qodhrone Omosethes Pink
Lys Prince Melenai Saskos Yellow
Lorath Archon Haleq Balar Light Green
Volantis Triarch Malaquo Maegyr Light Blue
Qohor Archon Sharako Mortello Lime

Invading Factions []

As of version 1.2, there are 3 invading factions in the game, which will spawn either randomly, or after certain conditions have been met. These factions and the prerequestes for them to spawn, are listed below.

NOTE: In version 2.1 The Khizra Khalasar can spawn as The Qevir Khalasar and will start taking over Qohor (needs confirmation)

As of 2.2 the invading factions do not start with any feifs

Name Ruler Colour Starting Fiefs
House Targaryen* King Aegon Targaryen Dark Red Barrowhall , Crow's Nest , Estermont , Greenstone , Griffin's Roost , Laketown , Rain House , Rainwood , Seawatch , Shipbreakers Bay
The Free Folk* Mance Rayder Beige Last Hearth , Greyedge
The Khizra Khalasar* Khal Pono Beige Daero Valoti , Rudhy , Selhorys , Zer Sena