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A guild master can be found in all town, and he will be able to both provide several services and give you quests. In ACOK you'll be able to access him in the town without having to go visit him every time, as long as you have found him inside once.

Options while talking to the guild master[]

  • What are you doing?
  • Do you happen to have a job for me?

When asking the guild master this, he'll give the player a quest, and continuously to do so after each finished one. If you choose not to take the presented quest, then you'll still be able to accept it. The presented quest (if not finished), will change after a few ingame days.

There is several different quests he'll give you. The quests reward and difficulty seems to scale with your level.

  • I have some questions of a political nature.
  • How is trade around here?
  • How does the wealth of this region compare to the rest of Calradia?

When asking the guild master this, he'll tell you how many towns have bigger/less production and wealth.

  • I wish to buy land in this town for a productive enterprise.

Choosing this option will make him tell you what kinds of productive enterprises  are available for you to buy land for. This is normally used as a way to pay for player troop wages, or as a fair boost after owning a fief.