A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki

5.0+ Guide[]

  1. Talk to Tywin Lannister in King's Landing (in the castle). He will ask you to help Tyrion. He resides in the Hand's Tower, here in King's Landing. You must be a vassal or mercenary of the Westerlands to start this quest, no option will be given if you are not.
  2. Talk to Tyrion, he'll tell you about a rogue lord Sir Jeffory Darke who's been spreading vile rumors about King Joffrey's origin. Tyrion will ask you to kill Sir Darke in his own castle, Brookwater Keep.
  3. Go to Brookwater Keep, which is located to he north of the King's Landing, near Antlers. There, you will need to defeat lord Darke himself, his wife, soldiers and servants, ~10 foes total. If you are having troubles, you can hire some high-level mercenaries in taverns which will make short work of Darke's men, then disband them afterwards.
  4. Return to Tyrion and collect your reward. The next quest in this line is The King's Attention.

Old guide[]

                • Quest not removed but Bronn changed location********

Step 1: Talk to Bronn in King's Landing, Inside castle, straight ahead. He will tell you to find Tyrion in the Tower of the hand

Step 2: Talk to Tyrion who is in the upstairs part of King's Landing's tavern. He gives you the mission to assassinate the traitor Ser Jeffory Darke at Brookwater Keep.

Step 3: Head to Brookwater Keep which is just west of Duskendale.

Step 4: As you walk up to Brookwater Keep the troops stationed there will attack you. You will have to beat 6 or 7 decently armored troops and a peasant or two by yourself.

Step 5: After assassinating Ser Jeffory Darke, talk to his uncle, Sir Rike Darke, in Brookwater Keep.

Step 6: Return to Tyrion and collect your reward.