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The bearded priests of Norvos rule the city through a theocracy. The tenants of the religion (and thus the law of the city) are shrouded in mystery and known only to the residents of Norvos. So little is known of the religion of Norvos that only those who have been initiated into the faith know even the name of their god or gods. With so much prominence placed on religion in their society, it makes sense that the Norvoshi would look to their High Priest to serve as their head of state. How a High Priest comes into their power is unknown, and so one such as Caltos holds authority wrapped in as much intrigue as the religion he practices.

A Clash of Kings[]

In the A Clash of Kings mod, High Priest Caltos begins the game as the ruler of the Norvoshi. Unlike Westerosi and a few Essosi factions, Norvos does not have access to domestic troops and so Caltos' army is comprised almost entirely of mercenaries, the one exception being the Axe Guards of Norvos. The combination of mercenary soldiers, most of whom are capable fighters, with a high concentration of heavily armed and armored elite troops in form of the Axe Guard make Norvos a dangerous enemy. This danger is present all throughout the game, but is especially true early in the game when the player character does not have access to troops with advanced ranged weapons and powerful two handed weapons that can reliably harm the Axe Guard. As the leader of a faction, High Priest Caltos' army claims around 250 soldiers at the beginning of the game, around 50 of which will be Axe Guard.