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House Targaryen troops consist of light and heavy infantry, cavalry, and longbowmen. Targaryen Levies, as well as any other troops, cannot be directly recruited (i.e. from villages). To obtain Targaryen troops, one can either capture them in battle and recruit as prisoners, or become a vassal of the House Targaryen, obtain a castle and recruit troops there.

Troop Tree (8.0)[]

Targaryen Levy

Targaryen Man-at-Arms

Targaryen Longbowman

Veteran Targaryen Man-at-Arms

Veteran Targaryen Longbowman

Elite Targaryen Man-at-Arms

Elite Targaryen Longbowman

Targaryen Serjeant

Targaryen Vanguard

Mounted Targaryen Serjeant

Targaryen Knight