A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki

While reviewing the latest reconnaissance reports with your bodyguard, you whimsically remark that passing through the beautiful countryside makes you wish you could one day cast aside your sword, settle down on your own land with some local buxom wench and spend the rest of your days making babies and growing wheat... to which one of your bodyguards retorts that this was hardly likely, as your body odour is legendary and everyone knows wheat only grows when attended by peasants.

  • Laugh heartily at his witty comment, while secretly making a mental note that you must send him deep into enemy territory on an “important mission.”

    • You lose (10) honour.
    • Your party gains 2 morale.
  • You glare at the young man and your mood suddenly turns for the worse, but later, on reflection, you realize that he was probably right.
    • -25 party morale
  • You manage to force a smile while your comrades laughter surrounds you, and while no one is looking you give the secret wink to your most trusted man. The young comedian's head will soon adorn a spike.
    • You gain 39 honour.
    • Your party lose 50 morale