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King's Landing is the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, located in the Crownlands on the east coast of Westeros. It is situated along the kingsroad at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush and overlooks Blackwater Bay. It is the site of the Iron Throne and the Red Keep, which is the seat of the former king, Robert Baratheon from House Baratheon.

Owning this city will give you up to 30k gold a week.

Tweaks on Wildfire as a weapon are greatly craved for in the subjects of the community that follows the ACOK mod. Wildfire proves to be in canonical terms the driving force of what keeps unstoppable armies at bay, burning quickly to ashes and going up in green smoke. Unfortunately, the lack of attentiveness to the current weapon of Wildfire leaves it to be a practically useless item, mostly appreciated for aesthetics or nostalgia of it just plainly being an item. Furthermore, Wildfire is commonly a good reason as to why the siege in Kings Landing is always so much easier for the assaulting side.

A note to take use of is that Kings Landing will be fairly hard to defend, come the Stormlands and the Reach. Because it is too easy currently to even consider leaving a single Lord and it's garrison to face an army of Lords with small military numbers, you'd be best off either leaving it for the others or keeping a very close eye on it. The Stormlands and occasionally the Reach will rush to siege Kings Landing far before Dragonstone can even proclaim itself an independent faction, which is why the best defense for Kings Landing would be to seize the opportunity of activating one of the two quests that include King Renly Baratheon's assassination. Another major issue with this, though, is that it only prolongs the inevitable fall of Kings Landing, as the scene is strategically inadequate and the main unique defense of wildfire is considered highly useless and does more damage to the defense of Kings Landing than it does to assist it.

In the latest version of the mod, four pots of wildfire can be found in a chest to the left of the Horse Merchant in the city.