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Lord Harroway's Town is north of the castle of Darry and sits on the river Trident.

Points of interest[]

  1. Head into the town.
  2. Take a right and then go up some wooden steps at the side of the building (there is some hanging meat at the top of the steps).
  3. Head back to the entrence then take what was straight on when you first entered the town, keep going straight until you hit a wooden building then just to the left is a cart and a chest on it. the chest contains: 3 bags of salt, value: 255; Jar of spices, value 880; Jar of oil, value 450; Bowl of dies, value 200.
  4. As if you are at the end of step 2, take a right (instead of the left to the chest) you will then see many a cabbage floating in the water, head to them for the final point of interest.