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Maidenpool is a town in the Riverlands situated along the southern shore of the Bay of Crabs. It is the seat of House Mooton. The castle at Maidenpool sits on a hill, and the town is walled. East of Maidenpool are hills. There are two roads leading to King's Landing from Maidenpool, one a faster road which goes through Duskendale and the other which travels along the coast.


Maidenpool has a busy harbor and pink stone walls. Fisherfolk northwest of Maidenpool fish the waters in leather coracles, while others collect clams. The town has a tavern called the Stinking Goose and numerous inns, including one near the Fool's Gate. It also has a tower called Jonquil's Tower.


Mootons and household[]

  • Lord William Mooton
  • Lady Selina (Lefford) Mooton
  • Lady Eleanor Mooton, their daughter and heiress
  • Lord Andrew Mooton, their first son
  • Lord Richard Mooton, their second son
  • Emrys Sand, a bastard knight in Lord William’s service. Possibly a bastard son of Ser Colin Mooton (see below)
  • Ser Colin Mooton, Lord William’s half-brother
  • Arrec Mooton, of unknown familial relationship to Lord William
  • Guyard Mooton, a cousin to the family. On leave from service “in Dorne”.
  • Maester Scorpius, healer,teacher,and counselor
  • Maester Omar, his successor
  • Septon Bastien, a loyal servant of the Seven
  • Perceval, a guardsman
  • Dormund, a guardsman
  • Andros, a drunken guardsman
  • Bartimeus Hill, a bastard guardsman from the Westerlands


  • Tyson the shoemaker
  • Hendry, a wandering glassblower
  • Amos, Hendry’s apprentice
  • Ser Julian, sergeant at arms of the Vale Gate
  • Ser Kevin Rivers, assistant to Julian
  • Ryon, an apprentice stonemason
  • Ithero Gyanet, Ryon‘s Norvoshi master
  • Aedan, innkeeper of the Stinking Goose
  • Clothilda, his wife
  • Chloe, their infant daughter
  • Avery, a sage
  • Morgyn, Avery’s apprentice and confidante
  • Eddara, innkeeper at the Old Pony
  • Luthor, her young son
  • Willem Stone, in training to be a septon
  • Septon Keith, his master
  • Orgulas, a wandering hedge knight
  • Ricasso Naerys, representative of the Iron Bank
  • Young Marq, a local bookbinder
  • Old Marq, his father, a cook
  • Fredger, assistant to Old Marq
  • Lelia, Young Marq’s Northern wife