A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki

Maron is an available companion in Mount and Blade: Warband 'A Clash of Kings' Modification. Maron may be one of the best companions throughout the game because he costs nothing to hire and starts at level 1 so you can mold him into whatever type of character you want.


Like most companions he has people he likes and dislikes.

Likes: Colin the Mute

Dislikes: Ser Kanut Bannside

Liked by: Fenna, Alen Cargyll, Brynden Storm, Alexos Sand

Liked Activities: ___

Disliked Activites: Raiding caravans

Event Area: ___

Starting Statistics[]

Cost: 0 Denars               Level: 1                     Health: 42/42               EXP: 295                 Next Level: 600


Strength: 7                     Agility: 7                    Intelligence: 11             Charisma: 6  

Ironflesh: 0                     Power Strike: 0          Power Throw: 0            Power Draw: 0

Weapon Master: 0         Shield: 0                     Athletics: 0                   Riding: 0

Horse Archery: 0            Looting: 0                  Foraging: 0                  Trainer: 0

Tracking: 0                    Tactics: 0                   Path-Finding: 0             Spotting: 0

Inv Management: 0        Wound Treat: 1         Surgery: 0                     First Aid: 1

Engineer: 0                    Persuasion: 0            Prisoner Manage: 0      Leadership: 0

Trade: 3

Weapon Proficiencies: 40


Head: None

Hands: None

Chest: Tunic with Vest (Body-12 Legs-3)

Feet: Shoes (Legs-5)

Weapons: Dagger