Summary:[edit | edit source]

As you traverse the world of A Clash of Kings, set in the George R.R. Martin universe, you will experience randomly timed, text-based mini events that require the player to make a decision based on a set scenario. They will appear on your screen in a manner similar to a global notification, such as the ones describing factions declaring war/peace/trade agreements/truces with each other, but not in the game log. While these mini events are in progress, it seems as if the player is unable to do anything else before making a choice from a given list. I will try to create broad headings with links to other pages so that this page isn't overly cluttered, so if a mini event involves bandits in some way, it'll be found under the Bandits page. I'll also try to refine this system as I go.

When do these mini events occur?[edit | edit source]

These events can occur in rapid succession, with multiple instances in a single game "day," or one could go several "days" without a single event. They only occur on the world map to your hero while you are traveling in your own party. This means that you will never be hit by a mini event (as far as I've seen) when you're spending time in a town, garrisoning a fort, or traveling with a lord as a soldier in his army under the freelancer mod. Basically, you get these mini events while traveling under your own banner regardless of which faction, if any, you belong to or which quest or mission you may be on at the time. I am not sure at this time if you also get them while just holding down ctrl-space or camping in an area for a time, but I will test this as I (and hopefully others) continue to add to the content in this section.

What do these mini events do?[edit | edit source]

The mini events cover a wide variety of possible situations and outcomes, some positive, some negative, some insane and some just completely random. Many of the mini events have clearly obvious "good" and "bad" choices, where the player might have to decide between giving money to the poor or murdering a box of orphaned kittens. Others have choices that are less obvious or have outcomes that seem disproportionate or random compared to the choice made. Some mini events seem to do nothing at all, which may be a bug or may be intentional. On the whole, however, I think the mini events are quite interesting and provide a great way to break the monotony of traveling around.

What is the purpose of this guide?[edit | edit source]

I will be attempting to list all of the various random mini events and their possible outcomes, to take some of the guesswork out of playing the game. Be warned that some mini events have no harmless choices and you can only limit the degree to which you get hurt. Please note that I'm doing this the long way, actually playing the game, rather than just going into the mod files and finding the event scripts and outcomes--mainly because I'm lazy and don't feel like wading through all those lines of text, but also because it seems to be a less "cheating" way to go about this. If anyone knows an already existing guide covering these mini events please save me some time and link it or copy/paste them here.

Some events will only start occurring once another certain event has happened: You become a vassal, you travel to a certain area or you start your own kingdom.

Warning![edit | edit source]

You should be very careful while making choices, even if it seems as though you've seen the mini event before. The person or persons responsible for programming the mini events decided to be evilly clever and set a number of situations with similar choices but the text varies ever so slightly. For example, I've run across three different mini events where it asks you to choose what to do with some mushrooms, always with the same options of eating them yourself, giving them to your party, or passing them by, yet the description of the mushrooms are different each time. One set of mushrooms is good, one is bad, and one was described as being brown and foul smelling so I simply avoided them. Read the text carefully or else you might fall victim to a permanent stat loss or something even worse.

Bandits / Outlaws / Settlers

Singers / Songs

Insults / Insulted

Peasants / Villagers


List of Mini events:[edit | edit source]

You're traveling through a forest, when you stumble over a rock. You decide to...

  • Nimbly regain your balance.
    • You gain 1 Agility.
  • Ignore the entier thing.
    •  ?

Some of your enemies have taken refuge in a nearby septry and the local septon have given them sanctuary!

  • Ignore them.
    • You lose 5 renown
  • Donate 100 coins to the septry.
    • You lost 100 coins.
    • You gain honor.
  • Go inside, slaughter them and kill the interfering septon!
    •  ?

The planks of the ship are slippery and covered with grease. Someone could get hurt! You decide too...

  • Clean the planks!
    • You lose 5 renown.
  • Leave the planks be!
    • You lose 1 Agility.

You came upon a temple. The priests are busy working or praying, none of them is armed. You see golden treasures and silver tributes glistening inside...

  • Pass by the temple.
    • You gain honor.
  • Pray and donate?
    • You gain honor.
  • Loot?

A religious fanatic from Oldtown is following your army. While he gains some converts, he also creates some unrest.

  • Let him be.
    • Relation with Oldtown improved.
  • Offer him a place in your warband.
    • He joins you (Gain 1 septon)
  • Get rid of him.
    • Lose honor.

You're walking across a field, when your foot is caught in a rabbit's hole. As you fall, you manage to twist your body, sending a stab of blinding pain up through your leg. What do you do?

  • Time to rest!
    • Your decision was a wise one.
  • Keep going.

The kin of a farmer slain in one of your battles brings a suit against you requesting compensation of 200 coins. What do you?

  • Pay them 200 coins.
    • You gain honour.
    • You lose 5 renown.
  • Refuse to pay.
    • You lose honor.
  • Refuse to answer the case at all.
    • You lose honor.

A mob of angry <Your fief's name here> dwellers are complaining about corrupt tax collectors. They demand justice. The situation is getting worse by the minute. It looks like a riot is about to begin unless you do something.

  • Begin and investigation and give the peasants 2000 coins.
  • Order the town guards to prevent the mob from spreading and turning into a riot.
    • Nothing.
  • Ignore them.

You cut yourself with a rusty knife, how do you deal with it? The wound looks fine, but perhaps it would be wise to take some precautions. What do you do?

  1. Smear the wound with Honey
    • "The wound festers" Lose 2 Strength
  2. Cover the wound with Herbs
    • "The wound festers" Lose 1 Strength
  3. Leave the cut dry and do nothing.
    • Nothing happens.

You stumble and hurt your hand.  After a few hours, it starts to turn blue. What do you do?

  1. Send for a septon!
    • You've lost 1 Intelligence. All he did was pray
  2. Send for a wise woman!
    • -15 renown -1 Agility. The woman was clearly mad...
  3. Send for a maester!
    • You've lost 1 Strength. He managed to save your Hand but you feel weak.

You've got a thorn in your hand! What do you do?

  1. Leave it be.
    • You've lost 1 strength. Your hand has started to itch.
  2. Pull it out.
    • nothing

The sky is dark and the winds are picking up. What do you do?

  • Curse the gods!
    • Your men grumble. No one should curse the gods. (-25 Party Morale)
  • Curse your luck!
    • You lose 5 renown.

You kick a rock, and underneath is a brown viper. You recognise it as the kind called Trinket Snake by the smallfolk. The snake hiss at you, getting ready to strike. You decide to...

  • Kick it!
  • Run away! -5 renown -25% Party Morale

You encounter a beggar and his daughter on the road. They look hungry.

  • Give them 200 coins.
    • You gain honor
  • Ignore them.
    • Nothing

The crew is a superstitious bunch, and when a gull flies into the topmast, they take it as an omen! But they're not quite sure what the omen means. You decide to tell them...

  • The gods are with us!
    • The crew looks relieved (sometimes)
  • The gull is a bird of good luck!
    • The crew look relieved.

You happen to find a purse full of coins.

  • Give the purse to a hospice
    • Gain 5 honor
  • Keep the purse
    • Gain 100 coins.

Walking alone in the forest, you come across two young women, bathing in a stream. They seem to be alone, with no way of defending themselves.

  • Stay hidden, and peek at their naked bodies. -> Nothing.
  • Force yourself on them. -> Nothing
  • Leave. ->

Walking through a small village, a young man approaches you. He'll spend the night with you for free, if only he can travel with you for a while.

  • Spend the night with the man. -> Nothing
  • Ignore him. -> Nothing

A country farmer stands before you on the road, a weeping girl behind him. He points his finger accusingly at one of your men, saying that he raped his daughter and demands justice.

  • Geld the man and cast him out of the party.

You gain honor. (do you lose a random soldier?)

  • Give the accused man a lashing and consider the matter settled.


  • Tell the farmer that he is lucky that is all the man did!

You lose honour.

You come across a young man bearing the clothes of a minor noble.  When he sees you he signals for you to follow.  Curious, you do so, and when you're alone he kicks you in the groin.

  • Punch him in the face -> The man was obvious a madmen ( nothing negative happens )
  • Punch him in the kidney-> The man was obvious a madmen ( nothing negative happens )

Colored Fish

  • Jump to the left -> (You managed to dodge the fish) (sometimes)
  • Jump to the right-> (You managed to dodge the fish)

You are travelling through the forest and you suddenly spot a lot of mushrooms, cowered [sic] in spider web, and with an awful smell. What do you do?

  • Pick them up and eat them. -> (diarrhea - you lose 2 strength and 1 Agility)
  • Pick them up and give them to your men. -> Party loses 99 morale.
  • Ignore them -> Nothing.

Mushrooms, brown and sweet smelling

  • Eat them (diarrhea - you lose 1 strength and 1 Agility)
  • Give them to your men -> Party loses 35 morale.
  • Ignore them -> ?

One day, your servant arrives at your court, he seems very enthusiastic! 'My lord, I have splendid new! There is a hermit from the Red Mountains in the nearby village now, and he is willing to give us a piece of blessed Baelor's hair! I cannot believe that our land has the opportunity to gain such a famous relic!'

  • Baelor's hair is everywhere! I have no need for fake relics! -> ?
  • Our land shall be blessed indeed. -> You gain 2 renown

Looking out across the sea, you spot a huge dark shape beneath the waves. What could it be?

  • It must be a kraken! -> Your crew is horrified, lose 25 morale
  • It's just a whale. -> The shape soon disappears.

You are travelling through the forest and you suddenly spot a wild hare, trapped in a snare. What do you do?

  • Free the animal. -> Nothing.
  • Clench the snare and kill the hare! -> Got item Rabbit.

You encounter a small child, dressed in rags and looking very hungry. He walks up to you and begs for some food.

  • Give him nothing. -> You lose ? honor.
  • Give the boy 100 coins. -> You gain 5 honor.
  • Give the boy a sack of 500 coins.

You come across some runaway serfs.

  • Help them on their way. -> You lose 5 renown.
  • Return them to their master. -> You gain 5 renown and 100 coins.

You are travelling through the forest and you spot a peasant tied up a tree, probably by a bandit. What do you do?

  • Free the peasant. -> You gain 1 honor.
  • Ignore him. ->
  • Kill the peasant. -> You lose 1 honor.

The crew is a superstitious bunch, and you forgot to bring a cat for the ships hold! The men are muttering about bad luck, and eye you insolently. You decide to...

  • Placate them with ale.
    • The crew is too drunk to care about a cat
  • Ignore them.

You feel a bit peckish, and decide to go hunt for some food in the undergrowth of the nearby woods. You find, what appears to be, some tasty wild onions.

  • Eat Them.
    • +5 one-handed weapon skill
  • Ignore Them.
    • Nothing

You feel a bit peckish, and decide to go hunt for some food in the nearby woods. Climbing a tree in the search for eggs, you spot a large nest.

  • Pillage the nest. -> -5 one-handed weapon skill "The eggs were rotten"
  • Ignore the nest. -> Nothing

You feel a bit peckish and decide to go hunt for some food in the undergrowth of the nearby woods. You find, what appears to be, some tasty wild radishes.

  • Eat them. -> +5 one-handed weapon proficiency.
  • Ignore them. -> ?

You feel a bit peckish, and decide to go hunt for some food in the nearby woods. Walking through the undergrowth, whistling a merry tune, you spot what appears to be some sort of wild berry bush.

  • Eat the berries. -> -10 one-handed weapon proficiency. The berries tasted horribly.
  • Ignore them. -> -20 one-handed wp. You were too focused on the berries and you tripped over some stones.

You feel a bit peckish, and decide to go hunt for some food in the undergrowth of the nearby woods. You find, what appears to be, some wild geese eggs.

  • Eat them.
    • +5 one-handed weapon proficiency.
    • OR the eggs were filled with worms (nothing happens)
  • Ignore them. -> ?

You feel a bit peckish, and decide to go hunt for some food in the undergrowth of the nearby woods. You find, what appears to be, some tasty wild turnips.

  • Eat them.
    • They were very tasty (nothing happens)
  • Ignore them. -> ?

You feel a bit peckish, and decide to settle down for a while, to fish in the nearby lake. You start to doze off, when suddenly, something yanks on the fishing line!

  • Yank back!
    • The line broke!
  • Give it some line!
    • You receive 1 smoked fish.
      • or
    • The fish got away!
      • (Nothing happens)
  • Catching them with our bare hands (essentially)
    • Using your mighty hands, you managed to catch 5 tasty fish
      • +5 Smoked Fish
        • or
    • All you got was a rock!
      • +1 Stones

You feel a bit peckish, and decide to go hunt for some food in the undergrowth of the nearby woods. Rummaging through the woods, you suddenly spot a large bear!

  • Run Away! -> You've gained 1 intelligence.
  • Ignore the bear. -> ?

You are travelling through the forest and you suddenly spot a lot of mushrooms, cowered [sic] with blue and red spots. What do you do?

  • Pick them up and eat them. -> Nothing.
  • Pick them up and give them to your men. -> Your party gains 25 morale.
  • Ignore them. -> Nothing

Going into the woods alone, you suddenly feel a blade across your throat. An outlaw has ambushed you. Listening to him slobber and stammer, it is clear that the man is unstable and dangerous. What do you do?

  • Try to seize the blade! -> You've lost one Agility
  • Kick the man on the shin! -> You've lost one Agility
  • Thrust your elbow into his groin! -> Nothing.

You see a crane circling above your party.

  • Tell to your men that the crane symbolizes good luck! -> Your party gains 17 morale.
  • Tell them that although cranes warn of bad fortunes, you have faith in them! -> Your party loses morale
  • Ignore it. -> ?

You come across the grave of an old and forgotten king.

  • Loot the tomb! -> Lose honor, Lose 5 renown, party gains 20 morale, Looted: rusty sword. ("rusty sword" is an item type, rusty isn't a prefix. For example, I specifically looted a cracked rusty sword)
  • Donate 1000 coins for a new tomb. -> You gain honor and renown.
  • Enter the tomb and pay your respects -> ?

While reviewing the latest reconnaissance with your men you whimsically remark that passing through the beautiful countryside makes you wish you could one day cast aside your sword settle, down on your own land with some local buxom wench and spend the rest of your days making babies and growing wheat... To which one of your man retorts that this was hardly likely, as your body odour is legendary and everyone knows wheat only grows when attended by peasants.

  • Laugh heartily at his witty comment. -> You lose 5 renown.
  • You glare at the young man and your mood takes a turn for worse. -> Your party loses 50 morale
  • You give a wink to your most trusted man. The comedians head will soon adorn a spike. -> Your party loses 99 morale

You meet a a lonely septon on the road. As you pass him, you stumble and accidentally push him of the track. You decide to...

  • Appologize to the septon. -> +25 moral -5 renown, Your men approves
  • Ignore the septon. -> -25 moral +5 renown, Your men Disapprove

The seasons pass, and the day has come again. It's the Feast of the Raven, during which those who worship the Old Gods all gather around the weirwoods and light great fires. Later there'll be a feast, during which old grizzled warriors compete against each other in wrestling matches, with the winner being given a weirwood crown, and usually a bag of silver. You decide to...

  • Spend an hour alone, contemplating life. -> You feel a serene calm come over you. (No effect?)
  • Give the winner a prize (1000 coins). -> The peasants are duly impressed. +9 Renown.
  • Ignore the festivities. -> ?
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