A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki

Pre-2.0 Troop Tree[]

As of 2.0 these units are no longer available.

Myrman Swordsman

Veteran Myrman Swordsman

Elite Myrman Swordsman

Myrman Skirmisher

Myrman Spearman

Mounted Myrman Archer

Veteran Mounted Myrman Archer

2.1 Troop Tree[]

Here is the updated 2.1 tree:

Myrish Pikeman

Veteran Myrish Pikeman

Elite Myrish Pikeman

2.2 Troop Tree[]

Myrish Farmer

Myrish Halberdier

Myrish Crossbowman

Veteran Myrish Halberdier

Veteran Myrish Crossbowman

Elite Myrish Halberdier

Elite Myrish Crossbowman
Myrish Man-At-Arms Myrish Skirmisher

3.0 Troop Tree[]

Myrman Slave Soldier

Mryman Slave Spearman

Veteran Myrman Slave Spearman
Elite Myrman Slave Spearman
Myrman Lancer Myrman Scytheman