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The New Keep is the seat of House Hersy of the Vale of Arryn. It is a fair town.


  • Ser Roger Hersy,the Knight of New Keep
  • Lady Jessamine (?) Hersy,his wife
  • Tommen Hersy,their son
  • Edmure Stone,a guardsman
  • Septon Cyrus,the young septon
  • Val,master of the horse
  • Ser Bennifer Oddschilde,a knight
  • Ser Marcus Cooper,a wandering knight
  • Maester Erion
  • Ron Long,a sexton of uncertain extraction
  • Theobold,a farmer’s son
  • Lewys Long,Ron’s cousin. The town crier.
  • Dunwallo,who used to be a recruiter for the Night’s Watch
  • Nicolas,Dunwallo’s grandson and companion
  • Jolie,Dunwallo’s granddaughter
  • Ser Chester of Willow Wood,an armorer and trainer
  • Patrek,his apprentice
  • Ellyn,head of the guild of herbwives. Elderly in years.
  • Sorcha,a young herbwife
  • Maryam,a young herbwife
  • Lothar,her husband
  • Ashlynne,sister of Ellyn
  • Desmond,her husband
  • Ser Elys Trant,Lewys‘ informer. Cousin to Ser Meryn Trant of the Kingsguard.
  • Tom Snow,an elderly knight
  • Mance,a smith
  • Arthur,a farmer
  • Kyra,a herbwife
  • Alecia,her sister
  • Taran,her brother
  • Jason Rose,squire to Ser Elys. Claims to have met and outdrank Euron Greyjoy.
  • Gordon Campbel,an armorer
  • Leon Flowers,his apprentice
  • Wendel of Moontown,his apprentice
  • Grey Sam,an elderly farmer