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Northern Skirmisher

 Northern Skirmisher[]

Northern Skirmishers are, unlike their predecessors (Veteran Northern Polemen), sword and shield infantry. They are a specialized infantry unit (Throwing Spears) and are the last in their upgrade tree.


They wear an Open Sallet, Mail Gauntlets, Plated Leather Boots and a Plated Chain Mail Hauberk.

Head Armor: 30, Body Armor: 55, Leg Armor: 31


The Northern Skirmisher is armed with Throwing Spears (Thrown/Polearm, 4 total, Ranged: 45p, Speed: 87, Swing 18c, Thrust 22p, Speed: 100), as well as an Arming Sword (Swing: 29c, Thrust: 32p, Speed: 100, Reach: 94) and an Heraldic Ironwood Kite Shield (HP: 200, Resistance: 20, Size: 72x105, Speed: 93).

Note: Throwing Spears are not guaranteed for this unit, like other Skirmisher units. This is likely a mistake, but can easily be resolved using Morgh's Editor