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Paxter Redwyne is the Lord of the Arbor and head of House Redwyne.


Following the lead of his liege lord, Mace Tyrell, Paxter remained loyal to the Targaryens during Robert's Rebellion. During the year-long siege of Storm's End, the Redwyne fleet blockaded Shipbreaker Bay to prevent Stannis Baratheon from being resupplied by sea. Paxter and Mace feasted outside Storm's End while the Baratheon garrison starved.The siege was nearly successful, but Storm's End was resupplied when the smuggler Davos slipped through the Redwyne blockade. Following the defeat of the Targaryens through the Battle of the Trident and the Sack of King's Landing, Paxter swore fealty to the new king, Robert I Baratheon, when Lord Eddard Stark arrived to break the siege.

During Greyjoy's Rebellion, Paxter presumably commanded the warships from the Arbor which supported Stannis, Robert's master of ships, in the sea battle off Fair Isle.