A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki

You come across what are, evidently, stray sheep from a nearby village.

  • Return the sheep to the village and ask for no reward.

    • You gain honour.

    • You gain 4 renown.

  • Return the sheep... for a price.

  • ?

  • Dinner! Round up and slaughter the animals.

  • ?

    A young girl/boy, from a nearby village, offers herself to you. It will only cost twenty silver!

  • Sleep with her.

    • You've lost 1 strength!

    • You've caught the pox!

    • You lost 20 coins.

  • Ignore her.

    • Nothing happens.

You come across some runaway serfs.

  • Help them on their way.

    • You lose 2 renown.

  • Return them to their master.

    • You gain 1 renown.

    • You gain 30 coins.

You encounter a small child, dressed in rags and looking very hungry. He walks up to you and begs for some food. You decide to...

  • Give him nothing

    • You lose honour

  • Give him 100 coins

    • ?

  • Give him a stack of 500 coins

    • ?

The kin of a farmer slain in one of your battles brings a suit against you requesting compensation of 200 coins. What do you do?

  • Pay him.

    • You lost 200 coins.

    • Wergild was paid.

    • You gain (2) honour.

    • You gain 3 renown.

  • Refuse to pay.

    • You lose honour!
  • Refuse to answer the case at all.

    • You lose honour!