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Through a convoluted process, the Sealord of Braavos is an elected official who is chosen by the wealthy elite of Braavos in addition to key holders of the Iron Bank. Ferrago Antaryon is the current Sealord charged with maintaining Braavos' armies and protecting the Free City's populace and fleets. Once elected into office, the Sealord is in place for life, though conspiracies and plots may cut that life short in order to reopen the chair. The Sealords have been opposed to slavery since the founding of Braavos, and thus Braavos is often at odds with much of Essos where slavery is commonplace.

A Clash of Kings[]

Ferrago Antaryon is the Ruler of the Free City of Braavos during the events of A Clash of Kings. Later in the novels it is implied that Ferrago has fallen ill, and that Tormo Fregar is poised to take his place. As the leader of a faction in the ACOK mod, Ferrago Antaryon begins the game with an extremely large army numbering well over two hundred soldiers, and so should be avoided if the player becomes an enemy of Braavos early in the game.