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Sisterman Archer

 Sisterman Archer[]

Sisterman Archers are the first ranged unit available for Sisterman armies. They are upgraded from Sisterman Spearmen, and may be upgraded into Veteran Sisterman Archers.


They wear Leather Gloves, Shoes and a Heavy Leather Jerkin.

Head Armor: 0, Body Armor: 35, Leg Armor: 15


They are armed with a Hunting Bow (Dmg: 18p, Accuracy: 70, Speed: 90) with Arrows (Dmg: +2) and Long Knife (Swing: 15c, Thrust: 25p, Speed: 115, Reach: 65) with Heraldic Elmwood Round Shield (HP: 200, Resistance: 8, Size: 100, Speed: 90).