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Summerhall is located at the edge of the Stormlands, north of the castle Broad Arch and west of the village Barrowhall

Points of interest[]

  1. Follow the ruined wall slightly to the right of view when you spawn in, you will reach a gap in the wall (after the archway) and you will see a ruined semi-circle structure just beyond the boundary of the wall (on your right hand side), head into this for the first point of interest.
  2. Head back inside the walls and there is a ruined building directly in front of you, on the inside is some writing on the wall.
  3. almost behind you (if facing the writing on the wall) is a tower with a door way, head into that tower for another point of interest.
  4. Head into the ruined building directly outside the doorway of the tower, as you face the building at the point the door is on the right side.
  5. As you head out of that building you will see a campfire (there may or may not be an NPC lying next to it, I've seen both situations) head to the campfire for another point
  6. now go to the statue, which is kind of next to the campfire.
  7. The final point is on the outside of the walls, if you carry on in the kind of circle that we have been running in so far, follow the outer wall in that direction then when you can get outside of the wall, turn to follow that same wall from the outside, there is a doorway into a tower structure along here with a chest in it. The chest contains an Old one-handed axe, value: 500.