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The Targaryen Man-at-Arms is the most basic unit of House Targaryen and will promote into the Veteran Targaryen Man-at-Arms. Because House Targaryen has no native lands, there are no villages where you can recruit their units. Currently, there are only 2 ways to obtain Targaryen units and both of these require the player to own a castle or town, as well as being either a vassal of House Targaryen or having their own faction with their culture set to House Targaryen.

To recruit this unit, the player has two options:

  • Go to your castle/town and select town management. Click the 'Recruit troops' option and provide the fief with money to purchase new units with. These new units will be the units of your faction's culture, so if your faction is House Targaryen, the town will now recruit Targaryen units.
  • Go to your Castellan and tell him you wish to send out recruiters. The Castellan will then ask you if you have any preferences regarding the type of unit that is to be recruited. Select the House Targaryen option and then send out the recruiters. They will return with Targaryen Man-at-Arms.