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This quest requires you to be a vassal or mercenary under The North.

1. Talk to King Robb Stark and select the option "My king, how can i serve you?"

  • Older versions require you to talk to Maester Luwin in Winterfell, and have no prerequisites.

2. Enter Winterfell, and accept the quest from Roderik Cassel.

3. Go to the Abandoned Village near Dreadfort.

4. After you win the fight against Ramsay Snow, go back to Rodrick Cassel in Winterfell to complete the quest.

When the quest is completed you will get a message that says:

Everybody in Winterfell has heard of your valiant deed. As you leave the castle a huge wolf comes across the yard. It stops before you and licks your hand, before running off again.

Reward: 1000 experience


  • Completing may leave "The Bastard of Bolton: part 1" in the quest notes
  • As of version 6.0 the Abandoned Village does not appear on the map, thus making the quest uncompletable
  • In 6.2 the abandoned village has been replaced with the Ruins of Hem.
  • As of version 7.1 this quest seems to have been either removed or replaced by "The Raiders" quest.