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This quest is quite expensive at over 50,000 coins. It rewards a one handed Valyrian Steel sword.

Quest Guide[]

  1. Speak with Cetherys in the back room of the Qohor tavern.
  2. Leave the tavern and visit Elos Mott's shop. (Its at the bottom of the town menu, before "leave")
  3. Speak with Elos Mott
  4. Visit the Citadel in Oldtown.
  5. In the Alchemest's Bend, speak with Maester Ryon.
  6. The Maester will give you a scroll with four names; Sharako Pendaerys (Lys), Galeo Terys (Lorath),Triach Nyessos Vhassar (Volantis) and Horonno Paenymion (Volantis). Their factions may change during the game, check their page in your notes.
  7. Find the Lords roaming the map and ask them about Valyrian Steel daggers. You can ask a lord of the same faction where they are.
    • Horonno Paenymion will give you a dagger in exchange for a bottle of Tyroshi Pear Brandy. You can buy it in Tyrosh for a 200 coins, or you can get one from the city's hidden chest.
    • Galeo Terys he will sell you a dagger for 5,000 coins.
    • Sharako Pendaerys will sell you a Valyrian Dagger for 10,000 coins.
    • Triach Nyessos Vhassar will sell you a dagger for 15,000 coins.
  8. Return to Elos Mott with your four Valyrian Steel Daggers. Choose which blade you want (See below for stats).
  9. Leave and re-enter the shop and pay Elos 20,000 coins.


All three swords have the same stats with the exception of reach.

  • Swing - 41c

  • Thrust - 43p

  • Speed - 115

  • 2.0 Weight

    Grievence - 82 reach

    Spineripper - 74 reach

    Windsong - 92 reach

    Each of the blades also have Bonus against shields.

    The appearances of the swords are fairly similar, with the stabbing blade bearing no cross-guard, and the other two with small guards.

    In version 3.0 all swords have 87 reach, 41c and 41p; same as any other one-handed Valyrian sword.

    Earlier versions have swords with a reach between 81 - 83

  • Swing - 39c

  • Thrust - 41p

  • Speed - 115

    Curved Crossguard (81 reach)

Stabbing Blade (83 reach)

Short arming sword (82 reach)