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The Free Folk is a faction that will only come to exist after the player finishes the quest 'Blood on the Snow'. Some time after this quest the Free Folk will invade The North and capture Last Hearth and Greyedge, thus becoming a whole new faction of its own.

The Free Folk will only be at war with The North to begin with, as well as having a risk of war with The Riverlands.

Lords and Ladies[]

The Free Folk is ruled by Mance Rayder.

Lords/Ladies: Dyven Sealskinner, Tormund Giantsbane, Harma Dogshead, The Weeper, The lord of Bones, Sigorn, Magnar of Thenn, Halleck, Toregg the Tall, Soren Shieldbreaker, Morna White Mask, Harle the Huntsman, Harle the Handsome, Howd Wanderer, Ygon Oldfather, Kyleg of the Wooden ear, Gerrick Kingsblood.