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The Horn and the Necklace (or The Horn and the Grimoire) is a fairly easy quest even early on, so long as you can flee from a large party and travel all over Westeros and Essos. The reward, Coldbringer, is incredibly powerful and a great weapon at any stage of the game.

Has been removed from 2.2 version

Quest Guide[]

  1. Speak to Maester Criston in the Ruins of Ghoyan Drohe (castle), or Rhyos if you are playing game version 2.0.
  2. Leave and enter the castle to speak to Samol.
  3. Visit Rodgar's Hut in the North, near Winterfell .
  4. Travel to Harrenhal and speak to Ben Blackthumbs.
  5. Travel to The Crossing and enter the castle, speak to the Frey lordling to retrieve the necklace.
  6. Travel back to Harrenhal , this time talk to Vargo Hoat.
  7. When you leave, there will be a party of 50-200 men outside, you have to kill them to complete the quest.
  8. Travel to Duskendale , go to the castle and speak to Ponorro of Asshai, answer his riddle with 'Childbirth' to retrieve the horn.
  9. Travel back to The Ruins of Ghoyan Drohe , enter the castle and speak to Samol to claim Coldbringer.



1500 Experience