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The Howling Hill is located near the Castle town, The Weeping Town.

Points of interest[]

The points that grant XP, starting from spawn location:

  1. From spawn, turn about 45 degrees to your left and walk through a group of 5 bare trees to a rock beyond them, this rock is to the left of the cave (if you face the cave entrance), to find a chest containing a Rusty two-handed axe and Weirdwood branch (value of 2000).
  2. If you carry on straight (beyond the rock which sits behind the chest) you will find a skeleton for a point of interest.
  3. Head back towards the cave entrance to get another point of interest.
  4. If following this guide there should be a stone slab (with a drawing upon it) roughly in front of you by this point, head towards that next for another point of interest.
  5. The tree above the cave is the final point of interest.