A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki

You start off by visiting Lordsport's tavern. There you meet Bessa, a woman who tells you of mysterious lights that has been spotted along the coast. They cam be easily seen from Hammerhorn castle.

Traveling there and visiting the Lord's Hall, you encounter, Lorren the steward of the castle. After you make some inquiries about the lights, he directs you towards the nearby fishing village. Upon exiting this dialogue, The Lights: part 1 triggers.

When you arrive at the fishing village, you encounter several places. The first is a monument to an unknown diety in the middle of the worn-down village. Travelling past the village you find large eye-like formation from the bones of the villagers. The text that pops up when arriving at the scene tells of " the meat picked off their bones". Going to the opposite site of the village you encounter a large blood splatter on the ground, and the text tells of someone (or someTHING) had a fight there. Heading towards the coast you find bloody foot/handprints of something that was human-like, ending the encounter. The Lights: part 2 triggers.

You travel back to Hammerhorn castle where you inform the steward of your findings. The lights seem to have disappeared he tells. He orders you to keep your mouth shut about the whole thing, and orders his men to burn what's left of the village. Upon exiting the dialogue the quest ends. Rewards: 150 coins and 500xp