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The North is a faction north of Kings Landing. It is ruled by King Robb Stark. The North is the faction that rules the utmost north of the map.


The North is quite isolated from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, with the only land route to it through marshland filled with Crannogmen. On the default map the North can be recognized by its white colour. Its Capital is Winterfell. It starts allied to the Riverlands and at war with the Westerlands.

During the campaign, the North tends to do quite well. Its isolation and large size means that its lords can generally pick and choose their battles, especially when it comes to the war with the Westerlands. This is less true when it comes to war with the Iron Isles, but given that faction's small size the North can generally handle it. However, this good situation becomes undone entirely if an event triggers: the Red Wedding. If this happens, about half the Northern lords join the Westerlands, splitting the North, and the war between the factions ceases. This leaves the North much weaker, more on-par with the Iron Isles.

Northern armies are infantry-based, but unlike other factions, they tend to be more well-rounded in this respect. Upgrades can turn a Levy into a man-at-arms (sword and shield), an archer (and a good one too), or a dedicated spearman (something few factions have). Upper-tier Northern troops tend to be two-handed infantry or heavy cavalry, though the faction has no knights. This variety means that northern armies tend to have an answer to most things, a perfect counter to the Wildling bandits which are common in their lands. The one thing they struggle against is armor; with two-handed troops being reserved mostly to upper tiers and the rest having spears or swords, armored troops like Stormlands Hammermen and Westerland Knights can hack away at a Northern line for quite some time before going down. Conversely, armies consisting of mostly spearmen or less-armored troops (such as Dorne or the Dothraki) find it difficult to defeat a good Northern army.

During the campaign, it might be a good idea for a low-level character to make their way to the North to fight the Wildlings there. Wildlings tend to travel in large groups and are relatively hard-hitting. However, Northern troops are a great counter to them since they are light infantry and cavalry, with spearmen killing the cavalry and Wildling arrows sinking into Northern shields. Going north to Winterfell can be great for getting rich quickly (by killing lots of Wildlings) or training an elite army quickly (by killing lots of Wildlings).

Lords and Ladies[]

The North is ruled by King Robb Stark .

It's vassals are Lord Jon Umber , Lord Rickard Karstark , Lord Roose Bolton , Lord Robin Flint , Lord Medger Cerwyn , Ser Wylis Manderly , Lord Galbart Glover , Lord Helman Tallhart , Lord Rodrik Ryswell , Vickian Flint , Robett Glover , Lord Donnel Lock , Jon Umber (Different from Lord Jon Umber ), Harrion Karstark , Ser Wendel Manderly , Lord Roger Ryswell , Ser Kyle Condon , and Leobald Tallhart , Lord Gregor Forrester , Lord Ludd Whitehill