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The Prince and the Queen is the first quest in the Targaryen questline. All of these quests are given to you by Illyrio Mopantis and upon completing the final quest, House Targaryen will invade The Stormlands.

Note: With v/3.0, this questline is no longer availabe.

Quest guide[]

  • Go to Illyrio's Manse (near Pentos) and speak with Panta. He will tell you to go to Pentos and meet Illyrio there.
  • Go to Pentos Castle and speak with Illyrio Mopantis. Ask him if he has any tasks for you and he will tell you to go to Meereen and deliver a message to Daenerys Targaryen. (If you decline the quest you can not restart it again so you only have one shot.) To get to Meereen, you must go to Volantis and meet with a sailor who is Illyrio's friend, who will take you to Meereen.
  • Go to Volantis and enter the tavern. Speak with Bayle Neres and tell him you are looking for a ship to take you to Meereen (Note: this will cost you 4000. If you wish to buy Saffron, make sure you have at least 12000 coins on you when speaking with Bayle Neres). Bayle will accept and take you there. (Note: Once you've spoken to the man and gave him the 5000 hit Tab and leave, don't adress him again and pay him your 8000 for the saffron!)
  • You will arrive in Yunkai. Here you have to option to purchase Saffron, a rare spice that will sell for almost triple it's cost when you get back from the quest. Beware: There are also two fake items for sale in Yunkai. Two of the merchants will offer to sell you either a Valyrian sword or a rare spice that's called crushed persimon. Both of these are fake and completely worthless! Do not buy them! If you do not wish to purchase Saffron, you can continue the quest without it. (Note: If you DO speak with the merchant that has saffron ( the lady on the right corner ) and don't have the 8000 with you, she can not be addressed again. The option to buy saffron is gone!)
  • Hit tab and take the caravan to Meereen. When you arrive, go to the town square and speak with Belandra Kheranes. She will tell you to go to Ser Barristan Selmy in the castle.
  • Speak with Ser Barristan Selmy and he will tell you to talk to Skahaz mo Kandaq. He will tell you to go return to Volantis and kill some pirates near Bloodstone. (Note:"Bloodstone" is in the middle of the ocean on the right side of Lys and Tyrosh when your compass is pointing up, enter and speak with the guard, leave and then a Cave will appear near Bloodstone. Enter and clear the area of Pirates, there's about 10 or so.
  •  Go back to Yunkai (if you hadn't bought the Saffron earlier, you can still do so now if you haven't tried before) and then take a ship back to Volantis (the return voyage will be free of charge). NB: As of 1.2 this step is not necessary, it is possibly to go directly to Myr and then Illyrio as described below.
  • Go to the castle of Tyrosh and speak with the castelan. He will give you 1000 gold for killing the bandit army.
  • Return to Pentos and speak with Illyrio. Quest Completed.
  • (Optional) Leave and speak with Illyrio again to start the next quest 'Half a Maester ', or return later.