Westerland troops consist of heavy infantry, shock infantry, heavy cavalry, and longbowmen. Westerlander levies can be recruited from the starting Westerland villages. Sellsword variants of Westerlander soldiers can be recruited from the taverns of Kayce, Lannisport, Stoney Sept, Duskendale, and King's Landing

Troop Tree (v6.2)[edit | edit source]

Westerlander Levy
Westerlander Man-at-Arms Westerlander Longbowman
Veteran Westerlander Man-at-Arms Veteran Westerlander Longbowman
Elite Westerlander Man-at-Arms Elite Westerlander Longbowman
Westerlander Mounted Serjeant Westerlander Serjeant
Westerlander Knight Westerlander Vangaurd
Heavy Westerlander Knight
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