Towns are the centre of commerce and trade within the world of ACOK and as such their role is pivotal in progressing a characters quest.

Things to do when in townEdit

In a town you will be able to:

 • visit the Castle
 • visit the Tavern
 • visit the Guild master
 • visit the Marketplace
 • visit the Arena
 • visit the Merchants
 • rest overnight
 • visit your local enterprise

Towns in ACOKEdit

There are 36 Towns in the ACOK world.

Westeros townsEdit

Barrowton, White Harbor, Sisterton, Ironoaks, Gulltown, Dragonstone, Maidenpool, Duskendale, Kings Landing, Stoney Sept, Fairmarket, Lannisport, Kayce, Pyke, Lordsport, Tumbleton, Ashford, Oldtown, Planky Town, Sunspear, Weeping Tower, Saltpans

Essos TownsEdit

Mhysa Faer Braavos, Lorath, Norvos, Ruins of Ny Sar, Pentos, Ruins of Ghoyan Drohe, Myr, Navar, Tyrosh, Lys, Volantis, Volon Therys, Valysar, Selhorys

Prostitutes. Edit

Certain prostitutes give a renown boost at the cost of a price of money that varies. Once you have spoken to a prostitute you can no longer "hire her services", even if you didn't agree to sleep with them. They can be found by visiting Taverns in certain towns.

Towns with prostitutes Edit

Kings Landing: Found upstairs in a bedroom. 3 renown for each of the two girls.

Braavos: There are three found in the main room of the tavern. No renown boost.

Stoney Sept: Found in the tavern. No renown boost.

(This is the KNOWN locations at the time of writing this however many other locations could have prostitutes.) Edit