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Towns are the centre of commerce and trade within the world of ACOK and as such their role is pivotal in progressing a characters quest.

Things to do when in town[]

In a town you will be able to:

 • visit the Castle
 • visit the Tavern
 • visit the Guild master
 • visit the Marketplace
 • visit the Arena
 • visit the Merchants
 • rest overnight
 • visit your local enterprise

Towns in ACOK[]

There are 36 Towns in the ACOK world.

Westeros towns[]

Barrowton, White Harbor, Sisterton, Ironoaks, Gulltown, Dragonstone, Maidenpool, Duskendale, Kings Landing, Stoney Sept, Fairmarket, Lannisport, Kayce, Pyke, Lordsport, Tumbleton, Ashford, Oldtown, Planky Town, Sunspear, Weeping Tower, Saltpans

Essos Towns[]

Mhysa Faer Braavos, Lorath, Norvos, Ruins of Ny Sar, Pentos, Ruins of Ghoyan Drohe, Myr, Navar, Tyrosh, Lys, Volantis, Volon Therys, Valysar, Selhorys


Certain prostitutes give a renown boost at the cost of a price of money that varies. Once you have spoken to a prostitute you can no longer "hire her services", even if you didn't agree to sleep with them. They can be found by visiting Taverns in certain towns.

Towns with prostitutes[]

Kings Landing: Found upstairs in a bedroom. 3 renown for each of the two girls.

Braavos: There are three found in the main room of the tavern. No renown boost.

Stoney Sept: Found in the tavern. No renown boost.

(This is the KNOWN locations at the time of writing this however many other locations could have prostitutes.) []