A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki

Pre-2.0 Troop Tree[]

As of 2.0 these units are no longer available.

Tyroshi Archer

    Veteran Tyroshi Archer

Tyroshi Spearman

Elite Tyroshi Archer

Veteran Tyroshi Spearman

Tyroshi Axeman

Mounted Tyroshi Archer

Veteran Mounted Tyroshi Archer

Elite Mounted Tyroshi Archer

2.1 Troop Tree[]

Here is the updated 2.1 tree:

Tyroshi Corsair

Veteran Tyroshi Corsair

Elite Tyroshi Corsair

2.2 Troop Tree[]

Tyroshi Farmer

Tyroshi Man-At-Arms Tyroshi Skirmisher
Veteran Tyroshi Man-At-Arms Veteran Tyroshi Skirmisher
Elite Tyroshi Man-At-Arms Elite Tyroshi Skirmisher
Tyroshi Two-Hander Tyroshi Longbowman

3.0 Troop Tree[]

Tyroshi Slave Soldier

Tyroshi Slave Glaiveman Tyroshi Slave Archer
Veteran Tyroshi Slave Glaiveman Veteran Tyroshi Slave Archer
Elite Tyroshi Slave Glaiveman Elite Tyroshi Slave Archer
Tyroshi Guardsman