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The Unsullied are an elite troop in MaB: W ACOK. (UPDATED v7.1)

Lore and History[]

"The Unsullied are eunuch slave soldiers, trained from a young age in Astapor to unquestioning obedience and martial prowess. They are used as guards all over the Free Cities. They are sold by the century or the thousand. They make excellent guards, do not loot and will never rape. They also worship a goddess of their own, whose name is kept in secret among them but is known as the Lady of Spears, the Bride of Battle and the Mother of Hosts.

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The Unsullied in-game.

They were most famously used in the Battle of Qohor, where three thousand Unsullied held back a Dothraki khalasar over fifty thousand strong. Only 600 of the Unsullied survived, having killed 12,000 of the Dothraki. To honor the Unsullied, the Dothraki rode in before the Unsullied line, throwing their cut braids down in front of them

Unsullied are all former male slaves chosen young, for their size, speed and strength.

Their training starts at age 5 and is from dawn to dusk. It is brutal, designed not only to teach them how to fight, but to strip away all individuality, empathy, and self-worth. Only one in three survive, and those that fail at any stage are killed.

They are fully castrated - penis and testicles cut - and their manhoods burned at the altar of the Lady of Spears. This means that they cannot be a strong as whole men, but this is more than made up for by discipline. They regularly c

onsume an elixir called the Wine of Courage to deaden their sensitivity to pain. They drink it with every meal, and every year feel less and less pain.

Every day they choose new names at random by drawing tokens from a bucket, each consisting of a colour and a type of vermin, such as "Grey Worm"

Unsullied Stats

Unsullied Statistics Via "Tell me about yourself"

On the day a boy is cut, he is given a puppy to take care of. At the end of the first year, the boy is made to strangle the puppy. Should he fail to do so, he is killed and fed to the surviving dogs. During training boys are culled whenever they fail a task, be it running all day in full pack, scaling a mountain at night or walking across a bed of coals. To win their spiked cap they must take a silver mark go to the slave markets and buy a newborn slave child and kill it before its mother and pay the slave's owner for his loss.

The slavers used to sell Unsullied in groups of 10 for household guards, but that proved unsound since they mingle with others, and forget who they are. Now they are sold only in groups of a century or thousand.

The only vice left for the Unsullied is food, so they often grow fat." - from "A Wiki of Ice and Fire"


The Unsullied are one of the best, if not the best, foot soldiers in the game. They possess extremely high stats as well as powerful weapons and armor. They are equipped with a Heavy Spear (Swing 25c, Thrust 33p, Speed 120, Reach 125 *Bonus to shields*, *Can crush through blocks*), and an Ashwood Round Shield (300 Health 10 Resistance, 130 size, 85 speed)

Unsullied Gear

The Unsullied have spears that will finish any cavalry charge, Their shields, although not too large, are of decent quality and their armor top notch.

Obtaining Unsullied[]

You can buy Unsullied from a traveling slaver called Grazmak mo Senko, who can be found in taverns. They cost 800 coins for a soldier, and he never has more than 11 at a time. Once you locate him, be quick: if you leave the tavern even to just visit the marketplace he will leave. Locating Grazmak can prove to be quite difficult and is the main obstacle to obtaining a whole army of the Unsullied. Their weekly wage is 1 coin.

When you find Grazmak mo Senko, you can pay him 10.000 coins to move in to the town\castle that you have set as your court. Grazmak mo Senko will replenish his stock of Unsullied every 3 days with 3 to 11 Unsullied. So be sure to have 10000 coins with you at all times if you wish to build an Unsullied army.

Note 1: Even though Grazmak Mo Senko says he requires 10.000 coins a month for staying in your residence, you really only have to give him this amount once to make him move to your residence permanently. He can then be found in every town and castle you own. Whenever you speak to him again, the option that allows you to pay 10.000 coins is still there. Do not choose this option, as the only difference will be that you pay him 10.000 more, for absolutely nothing.

Note 2: Though the option for making him take up residene in your town/castle states you are also paying him to train troops there, he does not do this.


  • Even though it is stated that they do not have an urge to rape you will still get random encounters in which somebody claims to have been raped by one of your men.
  • Despite the fact that they are slave soldiers, you still have to pay them weekly wages.
  • Contrary to the TV show, the Unsullied's defense mechanism resembles that stated in the books and that represented within the show.