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Vale Knight

 Vale Knight[]

Vale Knights, like their predecessors (Mounted Vale Serjeants), are sword, shield and lance wielding cavalry. They can be upgraded into Heavy Vale Knights.


They wear a Bascinet, Leather Gloves, Mail Boots and Heraldic Chain Mail Haubrek.

Head Armor: 35, Body Armor: 45, Leg Armor: 32


They are armed with a War Lance (Thrust:35p, Speed: 96, Reach 235-248), Arming Sword (Swing: 29c, Thrust: 32p, Speed: 100, Reach: 94) and Heraldic Oakwood Round Shield (HP: 200, Resistance: 15, Size: 100, Speed: 84).

They ride Destriers (Armor: 15, Speed: 40, Maneuverability: 35, Charge: 40, HP: 140).