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House Weaver is a minor house of the Iron Islands with lands on Harlaw.

Lands of the house[]

The main residence is Weaver Keep,an ancient tower.

People of the house[]

  • Lord Harmune Weaver,Master of the Keep
  • Ina (?) Weaver, his wife
  • Tommard Weaver,the heir of Weaver
  • Romny Weaver,his second son
  • Donald Weaver,his third son. Master of the Warrior Wench
  • Michal Weaver,a cousin
  • Deria (Rowan) Weaver,wife of Tommard
  • Urrigon Weaver,their infant son
  • Susan of Lordsport,wife of Romny
  • Kyber, a longship captain
  • Maester Francis